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We are very pleased to announce you that the magma guide has been released. What is the magma guide? An open-licensed, collaborative repository that provides the first publicly available research framework for people working to measure information controls and online censorship activities. In it, users can find the resources they need to perform their research more effectively and efficiently. It is available under the following website: The content of the guide represents industry best practices, developed in consultation with networking researchers, activists, and technologists.
Magma aims to build a scalable, reproducible, standard methodology on measuring, documenting and circumventing internet censorship, information controls, internet blackouts and surveillance in a way that will be streamlined and used in practice by researchers, front-line activists, field-workers, human rights defenders, organizations and journalists. In recent years, a number of research fellows, journalists, human rights activists, lawyers as well as a larger activist community, have been working in high-risk contexts, which create the need to consider their qualitative and quantitative research data as highly sensitive.